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Feature Items

  • KHS Flite 747 - 2015

    Tall guys: KHS's 747 is a bike that fits! The frame was designed by master framebuilder Lennard Zinn. Being 6 feet 6 inches himself, he literally wrote the book on… [more]

  • KHS Flite 450 - Women's - 2015

    Get to work on time, go on epic road adventures, or join your friends on weekend group rides with KHS' Flite 450. Your pavement-pounding fun starts with KHS' light and… [more]

  • KHS Flite 450 - 2015

    Get to work on time, go on epic road adventures, or join your friends on weekend group rides with KHS' Flite 450. Your pavement-pounding fun starts with KHS' light and… [more]

  • Zipp 808 Firecrest Carbon Rear Wheel (Clincher)

    Searching for flat-out speed? Zipp’s 808 Firecrests are the key. They've proven to be the gold standard for road races, triathlons, and time trials across the globe. The… [more]

  • Fuji Gran Fondo 2.3 - 2015

    If you’re looking for a road bike that can keep up with your sense of adventure, can comfortably handle even the longest days in the saddle, and is ready for… [more]

  • KHS Brentwood - 2015

    KHS's Brentwood is great for riding around town in comfort and style. It has a light, nimble steel frame, a natural upright riding position for a commanding view of the… [more]

  • Kestrel Talon Tri - 2015

    Kestrel's Talon Tri offers everything you need to set a new personal record in your next triathlon or time trial. The Talon's Kestrel monocoque-carbon frame is light and… [more]

  • KHS Flite 500 - 2015

    Double your road miles and pavement fun on KHS's Flite 500. Its light, double-butted 6061-aluminum KHS frame and vibration-damping KHS carbon fork mean almost effortless… [more]

  • Kestrel Talon Road - 2015

    Sink your claws into that podium spot and never let go with Kestrel's Talon Road. Its monocoque-carbon frame is light and stiff for excellent power transfer and… [more]

  • KHS Flite 750 - Women's - 2015
    $1,899.00 - $2,999.00

    Every day is a new opportunity to seize new personal records on your favorite road loops, so hop on KHS' Flite 750 and start seizing. Its KHS carbon monocoque women's… [more]


It's Graduation Time!

Congratulations graduate, time for a nice long bike ride!
Who says hard work with copius amouts of studing doesn't pay off?  Study Hard... Play Harder!  Lakeshore Bike has the perfect gift for your Grad!  We have bikes and plenty of accessories.  If you're not sure about a size or simply can't decide, a Gift Card is the perfect way to go.  Stop by and we'll assist you with your selection!

Time to Think about Dad!

It's time to start thinking about Father's Day.  Besides your endearing love, what can you give Dad?  A new bike of course!  Come by and see us and we'll help you pick out the perfect bicycle and cycling accessories that Dad will absolutely love!
Bring your bicycle into us for upgrades and repairs! Crush it all winter on a fat bike!
Feel the difference in a new road bicycle! check out our latest selection of mountain bikes! Ride in comfort with these cycling accessories! Come see our selection of cyclocross bicycles!

How do you stop a fixed gear bike? Let Pure Fix show you.

Today's Tip

Pump your bicycle tires at least weekly.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

A device that insulates the rider from rough terrain by absorbing impacts. Bicycle tires provide a degree of suspension because they're full of air, which cushions bumps. Many bicycles today include mechanical suspensions that provide incredible insulation from impacts and bumps and add great control.
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