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Kestrel 4000 (Ultegra)
Get ready to cheat the wind on board Kestrel's 4000. This wind tunnel-developed ultra-high-modulus carbon missile is light, efficient, and super aerodynamic. It boasts a finely tuned airfoil profile with wing-like tubes and a seat tube so minimal it almost disappears. Plus, Kestrel's tapered EMS Pro SL TT aero carbon fork integrates into the down tube making the 4000 almost invisible to the wind, while the internal cables, hidden aero rear brake and Kestrel's EMS aero seatpost help eliminate drag. Oval's deep-dish carbon wheels with fast-rolling Vittoria tires make this wind-cheater even more aero, while Shimano's Ultegra drivetrain with an Oval Concepts crankset shifts unbelievably fast. The Oval Concepts aero bars and their Triathlon seat let you achieve the perfect aero tuck. Other niceties to help you smash your personal bests include the lightweight Oval Concepts stem and carbon base bar and aero TRP brakes.
Fuji Altamira 2.1
Fuji’s Altamira 2.1 is a masterful blend of a lightweight climbing machine and an unwavering descending daredevil. Its oversize chainstays and BB86 bottom bracket provide phenomenal power transfer while eliminating excess weight; plus, the toothpick-thin seatstays flex just enough to take the edge off rough roads for ride-all-day comfort. And up front, the tapered carbon fork's sure, accurate steering makes carving corners more fun than ever. Combine that with the revolutionary shifting precision of Shimano's 22-speed electronic Ultegra Di2 drivetrain, powerful Ultegra brakes and Oval's light and aero Oval wheels, and the Altamira 2.1 will take you everywhere with impressive speed.
Kestrel RT-1000 SL (Ultegra Di2)
Combine over 25 years of carbon bike design, superior knowledge of aerodynamics, and a genuine appreciation for the importance of on-the-bike comfort and you've got Kestrel's RT-1000 SL. Its aerodynamic, efficient, and nimble Kestrel 700/800K high-modulus carbon frame boasts a taller head tube putting you in the perfect position for long-term power and comfort. Complementing the frame is Kestrel's EMS Pro tapered carbon fork that damps vibrations and corners with authority. At the road is a set of speedy Oval Concepts wheels equipped with Vittoria tires. Plus, an Oval Concepts crankset drives Shimano's revolutionary electric-shifting Ultegra Di2 components for push-button ease-of-use and lightning-fast shifts. And, the powerful Ultegra brakes, Kestrel's aero EMS carbon seatpost, and the stellar collection of Oval Concepts parts are ready to take your riding to the next level.
Fuji Gran Fondo 1.3
Fuji’s Gran Fondo 1.3 is a veritable do-it-all bike, and it does it all with unprecedented comfort and efficiency. Its Fuji C10 ultra high-modulus carbon frame sails effortlessly over rough roads and it boasts oversize chainstays and a beefy bottom bracket to direct every bit of your energy straight to the rear wheel. It also sports vibration-damping seatstays and a slightly longer wheelbase for comfort no matter how long you ride. And, you'll love the tapered carbon fork that keeps the steering razor sharp and ensures this fine machine goes precisely where you point it. Adding to the awesome ride are zippy Oval Concepts aero wheels that accelerate and climb with ease, plus Shimano's revolutionary and precision-shifting Ultegra Di2 electronic 22-speed drivetrain. You get powerful Ultegra brakes, too, and a fine bar, stem, post and seat from Oval Concepts.
Fuji Transonic 1.3
Like Chuck Yeager in an X-1 aircraft, the Fuji Transonic 1.3 is prepared to take you to record-setting speeds. You'll feel years of Fuji's aero engineering pay off as their extremely light, C10 ultra-high-modulus carbon frame propels you through the air like a stealth jet doing Mach 3. And, Oval's 950F carbon wheels with aluminum brake tracks are almost impervious to wind drag as they accelerate quickly up to speed. You'll bank like an F-16 through the corners thanks to the full-carbon, tapered fork that delivers pinpoint steering precision. And, the controls are Shimano's internally-cabled, top-end Dura-Ace components for impeccably smooth, relentlessly reliable shifting, while the direct-mount Dura-Ace brakes keep the weight down and the aerodynamics up. Finally, an aero carbon seatpost, a lightweight bar and stem, and a fine seat from Oval Concepts ensure you're flying with finesse.
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